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Spring is coming to Cornerstone

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This Easter Season

As we continue to move through this Easter season, can I remind you that we are Easter People – people of the Good news! Yet we live in surreal and unique times. There is little good news around – far from it. Even if we are not infected, we are affected. We are isolated at home, alone or in close company, and there seems to be no sensible exit strategy. Our churches and shopping centres are still empty, all these weeks on, as empty as the tomb on the third day.


During this lockdown, and in the weeks to come with the gradual relaxing of restrictions, we need to remember that we remain people of good news. Through the stress, concern, fear and confusion, we are still Easter people – who love and follow a risen Lord. You see just when everyone thought hope was lost and the only news was bad, Jesus burst His three-day prison of the grave, leaving a tomb emptier than our streets. This is our faith and our hope. Others have lived and died through more challenging times than this, which is not to say the emotional, spiritual and physical challenges and privations are not significant. But with an Easter faith to celebrate, we are the blessed ones. The empty tomb gives us hope to pray for the time when we can fling wide our doors and share our faith again with those whom we can see and touch


And unlike the current government plan, we have a definitive and clear exit strategy: resurrection life. That is truly Good News for all of us, at home or out and about, inside or out, now and always. For the risen Christ is with us always, to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20). So let us continue to be Easter people – overflowing with good news that is not based on our circumstances, or our feelings, but in the solid and unshakeable hope that Jesus Christ died, and was raised to life, and that one day, those who have placed their faith in Him, will spend eternity in His presence.


A Prayer: Give us your Easter joy O Jesus, and while we are distanced from others, draw us close to you, that when the doors of our isolation are flung open, we may burst out into a world blossoming with resurrection hope, faith and love. Amen.